Urban Archeology Corps

Urban Archeology Corps


The Groundwork Lawrence Urban Archeology Corps (UAC) is a national program that uses archeology as a vehicle for young people to learn about urban national parks and their surrounding communities, the diverse histories and resources that make these places special, and public service and NPS employment. The UAC Program Aim is to establish and support a nationwide network of young people, parks, and partners using urban archeology for civic engagement. The members will conduct investigations in Lawrence, Lowell, and the Greater Merrimack Valley with both indoor and outdoor components. Members are supervised by the Project Archeologist and the Project Mentor (the team leaders), who identify projects and tasks for the team to carry out. The UAC program is a 6-week part-time job opportunity for 8 local youth and young adults.

The goals of the Urban Archeology Corps are as follows:UAC Logo.jpg

  • Employs diverse youth for archaeological projects in urban national parks
  • Uses archaeology as vehicle for civic engagement to increase stewardship of national parks and their communities
  • Increases the visibility of archaeology and the National Park Service as career options

UAC Week 1 Ferrous Outlook.jpg "This being the first summer of the Urban Archeology Corps at Groundwork Lawrence allowed for some flexibility in the creation of final projects by our students. They chose to take several different avenues to address the same research question, which resulted in a variety of emotionally resonant and relevant projects. Teams of two created a scrapbook, an interpretive dance piece, and an artistic timeline representation, while the whole team worked on a slam poetry piece together and one individual completed a series of posters addressing their research and its impact on the past, present, and future of the city."

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