Groundwork USA Youth Summit at Grand Canyon

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The annual Groundwork USA Youth Summit was recently held at the Grand Canyon, AZ on September 28 - October 2. Groundwork Lawrence Education Program Director Stephanie Cross shares her insights:

Groundwork Voices From Yellowstone: Juana Lopez

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The hike up Yellowstone’s Specimen Ridge from the Crystal Creek trailhead is challenging for even experienced hikers. The steep sandy slope makes the journey difficult, but the coveted views of petrified trees against the backdrop of a deep, wide valley filled with bison are definitely worth the arduous trek. Carrying tools and heavy metal signs to guide tourists away from eroded social trails certainly adds to the challenge, as does digging post holes into the rocky outcrop, but one worker seems to move at twice the pace of others. At 4’10”, Juana Lopez, 16, remains a dynamo of energy the whole work day, scrambling around others as the call goes out for “pick-mattocks” or “shovelers!”

UAC Presentation on August 11, 2016

UAC Community Day Flyer.jpg We are pleased to announce that Groundwork Lawrence's (GWL’s) Urban Archaeology Corps (UAC) in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) is having a presentation of their research to several city officials, NPS and GWL employees, and the mayor on Thursday, August 11, 2016 from 10:00am to 11:00am in the Campagnone Common (North Common).

Groundwork Lawrence Summer 2016 Youth Education Programming

During the summer, GWL has a variety of youth education programs dedicated to raising the next generation of environmental leaders. 

The Lawrence High School Garden

Written by FoodCorps service member, Alex Stenner.


At Lawrence High School, the LHS Prep students are building a garden – literally reshaping the land. To give you perspective – the garden is 5,000 square feet in size (50’ x 100’). It’s big enough to be a successful vendor at a farmers market with a serious bounty. Students in the LHS Prep unit are typically 16-22 years of age, and are identified with special needs for education. And, truth be told – I’m impressed by these budding green thumbs (students and teachers alike). We’ve yet to harvest a crop together – but they’ve proven to be hard workers and they can learn anything.

Food, Glorious Food Programs!


Our Healthy Living Programs Manager Maria has been busy this month! She has been coordinating many workshops to promote healthy eating, delicious cooking, and fun social atmospheres inside the kitchen!

Urban Archaeology Summer 2016

This summer, in collaboration with the National Park Service, Groundwork Lawrence will add a new and exciting program to our ranks!

The Urban Archaeology Corps (UAC) is an innovative project that will engage 8 Lawrence young adults, ages 16 - 24 in exploring urban cultural heritage and archaeology within the National Park Service and the Greater Lawrence community. This new program not only provides five weeks of paid work for Lawrence young adults but also provides hands-on professional training and exploration of archaeology as a career.

Earth Day Comcast Cares Day 2016!

We see know that our friends over at Comcast New England are getting excited for our Earth Day Comcast Cares Day on Saturday, April 30. Check out their video highlighting the experiences and success of last year!

What should the Ferrous Site's name be?


At the confluence of the Spicket and Merrimack Rivers resides the capstone to the Spicket River Greenway. Created by human ingenuity with respect to Lawrence’s background in industry, we find ourselves in possession of a beautiful new park inchoately called “the Ferrous Site.”

Si Se Puede

Si Se Puede


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