Urban Archaeology Summer 2016

This summer, in collaboration with the National Park Service, Groundwork Lawrence will add a new and exciting program to our ranks!

The Urban Archaeology Corps (UAC) is an innovative project that will engage 8 Lawrence young adults, ages 16 - 24 in exploring urban cultural heritage and archaeology within the National Park Service and the Greater Lawrence community. This new program not only provides five weeks of paid work for Lawrence young adults but also provides hands-on professional training and exploration of archaeology as a career.

Earth Day Comcast Cares Day 2016!

We see know that our friends over at Comcast New England are getting excited for our Earth Day Comcast Cares Day on Saturday, April 30. Check out their video highlighting the experiences and success of last year!

What should the Ferrous Site's name be?


At the confluence of the Spicket and Merrimack Rivers resides the capstone to the Spicket River Greenway. Created by human ingenuity with respect to Lawrence’s background in industry, we find ourselves in possession of a beautiful new park inchoately called “the Ferrous Site.”

Si Se Puede

Si Se Puede


Free Spring Classes offered by Groundwork Lawrence


Snow on the first Monday of spring in 2016? Goodness gracious, doesn’t the weather know how busy we are here at Groundwork Lawrence.

This spring, we are so excited to have a variety of FREE classes for the public to take! We just had an incredibly popular cooking class where we invited budding chefs to share, learn, and create something marvelous! (Next one is on April 16- paella!)

Beautiful Evening

Today we talked about the importance of interviews and resumes. The view was amazing. -Francis (Green Team Member)

Not my Mother's Vegetable Stock

example of CSA share.jpg

I’m looking at a vegetable stock that may smell, taste and cook like it came from my mother’s kitchen, but it certainly doesn’t look like it did. It’s purple.

Let’s back up. There I am, a little into my eighth week of service at Groundwork Lawrence, when Maria Natera, our Healthy Living Programs Manager, reminded me that Farmer Dave had brought our first CSA share, the drop-off conveniently located downstairs.

I had heard about CSA programs before, and given that I’m a somewhat recent college grad whose interest in food has only recently upgraded past ramen and Doritos, I signed up because a. fresh food is allegedly good for you, b. my mother made sure I knew how to chop vegetables and c. GWL pays for my share as a benefit for my service.

Green Team Leader

Green Team Leader

I took over managing the Green Team in October 2015, and I’ve had an amazing time. Every week we explore new and diverse topics in environmental science, food justice, and community engagement. We’ve gone rock climbing, followed the events of COP21, played team building games at a local park, attended farming conferences, and developed this blog too! I’m excited for what this year has to bring.

Green Team at Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum


Green Team Youth reflect on their work and experiences

Green Team Youth reflect on their work and experiences check out their blog:

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