Campagnone Common

North Common


The Campagnone Common, also called the North Common, is an important centerpiece of the City of Lawrence. Campagnone Common is named for the three Campagnone brothers of Lawrence who gave their lives during World War II. Also, the North Common is one of the most used, recognized and loved of the City’s parks. It provides quiet respite from the urban streetscape, unstructured play lawns, magnificent trees, a traditional playground and formal baseball field. Certain parts of the Common are also adopted by certain residents such as the northeast corner that sees locals playing dominoes all hours of the day when the weather is nice. Currently the North Common is the site for Semana Hispana and the Bread and Roses Festival, two festivals with high turnout celebrating the rich culture and history of the city. The North Common is many things to many Lawrencians: a front yard, a beautiful view, a place to find sun and shade, and a place to play but most of all a place of pride. Seventeen acres of open space were deeded to the City by its founders and through many years and many threats of development and despair, the Common has remained.

Current Renovation Work

GWL and the City complete renovations Phases I and II - City Unveils $1.45M Renovations to Campagnone Common (Eagle Tribune 9/11/2013) (link)


The city has received a grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to make some improvements on this important community space. In early 2012, the Lawrence received a $500,000 grant for the work to renovate the common, and the city also received a $300,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for the improvements.The newest renovations will include drinking fountains surrounded by trees, installation of a new underground electrical conduit, a modern storm water management system, lamps with LED lights, renovating the playground, heavy duty brick pavements, more benches and trash receptacles, as well as game tables for dominoes.

Planning for the Common improvements started in 2010, when GWL held three public meetings attended by 100 people at each to get input from residents. The plans then moved into the renovation stage, which is being completed in four stages. Phase 1, which began in Spring 2012, focus on upgrading the lighting. All existing overhead wires will be buried, and the lights will be replaced with LED acorn light fixtures, which will reduce the common's energy usage and the need to constantly replace burnt out lamps. Phase 1 also includes: the installation of a Centennial Flag Pole, drinking fountains, trash receptacles, benches, and the planting of new trees. Phase 2 of the renovations will focus on restoring the entries along Jackson Street and installing a new playground. Many game tables and benches will also be installed. The second phase will be done by June 2013, with the other two to be done after that. Be sure to check back on the progress of the renovations of a favorite Lawrence spot!

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