GWL and Fresh Food

Last week the Boston Globe published an article highlighting CSA programs and specifically Farmer Dave. A quote from Farmer Dave from the article: “It was about growing what was needed, not wasting, and working within natural forces to determine what is harvested,’’ he said. You can read the entire article here. (MS Word).

Also, this past weekend Janel and I attended and spoke at the Northeast Organic Farming Association Summer Conference. Our workshop (titled Overcoming the Affordability Barrier: Connecting Low-Income People to Fresh Food) was attended by approximately 30 individuals who all had a mix of experience but most importantly desire to figure out how best to provide an equal opportunity for fresh, healthy food to low-income individuals in their community. You can check out our slideshow here. (pdf). What most encouraged me Saturday was the wealth of knowledge and willingness to share triumphs and challenges in the community-we look forward to further exploring and learning how to reach our neighbors with fresh healthy food.