Luis Yepez, GWL Board member, and his brother, Juan, attend tonight's State of the Union Address

I'm happy to share with you that Luis and Juan Yepez will be attending this evening's State of the Union address. Luis and Juan have been strong supporters of GWL and the City of Lawrence for many years. Luis is a member of GWL's Board of Directors and Juan serves on Family Services' Board. Juan will be seated in the viewing box with First Lady Michelle Obama, an extraordinary honor and a great tribute to Luis and Juan's work and contributions in Lawrence. We are incredibly proud to be so well-represented at this historic event! Here are a couple of links with the story:

Information from the White House Press Release:
Juan and Luis Yepez are Ecuadorian-natives, who in ten short years, have built a successful and growing commercial real estate company in addition to growing Mainstream Global, a worldwide distributor of computer products, consumer electronics, and electronic components, in mills once inhabited by earlier generations of immigrants. The Yépez brothers were the recipients of the 2009 Small Business Administration Phoenix award for recovering from a major flood that destroyed almost $400,000 of inventory while still managing to flourish in the midst of an economic downturn. They believe that doing business in an area hit by 17 percent unemployment is more than just giving back and that hiring first generation Americans like themselves who want to work and contribute to society is the cornerstone of long-term success.