Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for people to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly basket of produce. Individuals or families become "members" (or "shareholders" or "subscribers") of the CSA by making a financial commitment to the farm, typically at the beginning of the season. Members invest in the farm, and in return they receive a weekly "share" of fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season, establishing a direct connection to their food and those who grow it.

How does it work?

Farmer Dave of Brox Farm in Dracut is growing food that will be harvested weekly throughout the season. In partnership, we offer several different sizes and types of shares. As always, there is a Vegetable Share that runs for 20 weeks, from mid-June through October, offering a variety of farm-fresh produce in Small, Regular, and Super Family sizes. New this year, Farmer Dave is offering a 12-week Spring Greens Share that will be available for pick-up in Dracut ONLY from mid-March through mid-June. There is also an all Fruit Share available for 13 weeks early/mid-August to end of October, and a Late Fall Share (formally called the Winter Share) for 7 weeks following the closing of the Vegetable Shares, November through mid-December.

The Vegetable, Fruit, and Late Fall shares are available for pick-up in Lawrence every Tuesday from 3-7pm at Chester's on the first floor of 60 Island St. You have the option of picking up a pre-packed box of produce or "Choose-Your-Own" style pick-up which involves members bringing their own bags and picking their own produce from a Farmers' Market style set-up. Signs by each item denote which vegetables to choose from and how many total items you are allowed to take for each share size. Farm staff and work-trade volunteers are on-site to check you in and answer any questions. For more information on the sizes and contents of each share please visit our Share Sizes & Sample Shares page.

What are the benefits of joining a CSA?

    The Food: You get delicious, healthy produce the whole season long - over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables!
    It's Locally Grown: All of the vegetables that come in your CSA share are grown on Farmer Dave's farm in Dracut!
    Seasonal Eating: Connect to the local agricultural cycle by eating what is in season.
    It's Convenient: The CSA pick-up is right in your community!
    Your Carbon Footprint: Your produce is traveling far less than grocery store produce, which travels an average of 1500 miles! (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)
    The Environment: Farmer Dave is committed to growing produce sustainably and keeping the farmland ecosystem healthy.
    The Farmland: "America is losing 1.2 million acres of farmland annually." (American Farmland Trust) By investing in a CSA, you are investing in preserving our local farmland.
    The Economy: Groundwork Lawrence and Farmer Dave's provides many jobs and recycles money locally by purchasing supplies from local businesses. Buying locally keeps money in our community.
    Hunger Relief and Food Justice: Groundwork Lawrence, in partnership with Farmer Dave's donates unclaimed produce to a network of food pantries in the Greater Lawrence area run by Neighbors In Need. Through GWL's Share-a-Share™ Program, we help to subsidize CSA shares for individuals and families in need and by accepting SNAP-benefits at our pick-up site, we are increasing access to healthy, fresh food in our community. Farmer Dave's works with other food pantries and hunger relief partners at their other pick-up sites, and this year we are expanding the Share-a-Share™ Program to subsidize shares at all Farmer Dave's CSA locations.
    Saves money: To buy the same quality product received in the CSA, you would have to spend 20-50% more money than the cost of the share.
    Why not?! We have to eat and it just makes sense.

What will the 2011 CSA cost?

Farmer Dave is now accepting credit card payments as part of the online registration. Below you will find the prices for each share. There is a Regular Price and a special price for those wishing to pay with credit card with the processing fees included. Also, the delivery and admin fees have been included in the full price. For more information on changes to the pricing structure visit Farmer Dave's Questions and Answers About our 2011 Pricing Page.

Small Vegetable Share - 20 weeks:

  • Regular Price - $414.97 ($20.75/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $427.80 ($21.39/wk.)

Regular Vegetable Share - 20 weeks:

  • Regular Price- $564.97 ($28.25/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $582.44 ($29.12/wk.)

Super Family Vegetable Share - 20 weeks:

  • Regular Price - $964.97 ($48.24/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $994.81 ($49.74/wk.)

Spring Greens Share - 12 weeks: (Dracut Pick-up ONLY)

  • Regular Price - $215.00 (17.92/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $221.65 (18.47/wk.)

Fruit Share - 13 weeks:

  • Regular Price - $240.98 ($18.54/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $248.43 ($19.11/wk.)

Late Fall Share - 7 weeks:

  • Regular Price - $240.98 ($34.43/wk.)
  • Credit Card Price- $248.43 ($35.49/wk.)

Why join the Groundwork Lawrence CSA?

The Groundwork Lawrence CSA is committed to making fresh food available for everyone. Through our Groundwork Share-a-Share™ Program, we collect tax-deductible donations and provide subsidies for those in need. Unclaimed shares are donated each week to local food pantries through Neighbors in Need.hreff=> By providing a pickup site in Lawrence, we increase access to produce in an urban city!

How can I receive a subsidized share?

If you are experiencing financial hardship and/or want to use EBT/SNAP to pay for a share, please email Annahreff=> or call her at (978) 974-0770 . Due to regulations, EBT/SNAP payments are made either monthly or weekly throughout the CSA season. We will work with you on an individual basis to determine an affordable cost and payment plan.

How can I become a member?

Register for the 2011 CSA Season! There are a few changes to the registration process this season. Registration will take place through Farmer Dave's Websitehreff=>. Visit their website to either download a copy of the registration form, fill it out, and mail it back to them, or simply register online. You can pay in full by mailing a check or paying by credit card online. If you need to pay in installments, you can make a $100 deposit with your registration and pay your remaining balance on April 1 and June 1. Contact the farm or Annahreff=> at (978) 974-0770 for more information regarding additional payment plans, a subsidized share, or paying with EBT/SNAP.