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Urban Adventures is a summer youth program designed to provide children with a fun-filled summer camp-like experience within the heart of Lawrence while promoting activity, environmental stewardship, continued learning, team building, creative expression, and regional exploration. Each summer, we integrate social-emotional learning, service learning, and programmatic themes like urban agriculture or recycling to spark curiosity and exploration. 

In 2017, we partnered with Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW) and the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence (BGC) to offer our Urban Adventures Program for Middle School students in grades 5-8. For five weeks, educators utilized food systems in our urban environment as a basis of curriculum. Youth learned about edible plants, container gardening and fresh food sources in the city. Youth also collaborated with local business owners to talk about healthy food access in stores and possibilities to educate customers about healthy food. Students learned about nutrition and had hands-on experiences making healthy snacks. A key component of Urban Adventures is the integration of hands-on experiences, social-emotional learning, urban exploration, and service learning projects.


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