Spicket River Greenway

Spicket River Greenway

Hayden Schofield-Sloped BoardwalkThe Spicket River Greenway, now complete, is a 3.5 mile long "emerald bracelet" of green spaces and walking paths connecting parks and open space through multiple neighborhoods, meeting multiple bottom lines by helping the community achieve the dual goals of riverfront restoration and neighborhood revitalization. The Greenway, envisioned by the community over 15 years ago, has come to fruition through a multi-year collaborative effort that has included GWL, local, state, and Federal government, numerous community organizations, and a diverse group of stakeholders that over the years have: participated in the 2002 Urban RiverVisions planning and charrette sessions; advocated for enforcement efforts against illegal dumping with the Spicket River Task Force and the Clean Spicket Campaign; and championed reclamation of the river with direct action, including the thousands of residents who have cleared over 120 tons of debris and thousands of tires from the Spicket River's banks over the course of annual Cleanups that started in 2002. Ten anchor sites along the Greenway have recently been rehabilitated or built: Dr. Nina Scarito Park, Misserville Skate Park, William Kennedy Playstead, Manchester Street Park, Immigrant Place park, Hayden Schofield Playstead, Spray Park, Facella, Oxford paper site and Ferrous site. For it's impact, the Greenway received an honorable mention for the U.S. Conference of Mayors 2013 Livability Award. The Spicket River Greenway is a truly transformative project that has created numerous benefits to the residents, visitors and business in the city, such as:

  •  river restoration
  • revitalization of neighborhoods
  • linkages between neighborhoods, schools and parks
  • increased recreational opportunities
  • an improved environment for economic development, jobs and housing
  • improved access to the commuter rail station



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