Green Team works with Mass Audubon

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Over the past few months we have been very excited about our new partnership with Mass Audubon. Through our partnership we have met naturalists and scientists that have come to Lawrence and really opened our eyes to the great habitat we have right here in our city. Though we don't often consider urban centers as places for great habitats for wildlife, we have learned first-hand that that isn't true and in fact, with Lawrence having three Rivers running through it; these water bodies are actually a rich habitat for lots of wildlife. Through this partnership we have also been fortunate to visit Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Center, a great building with a commitment to being green and a hope to get completely off the grid in terms of energy use! We saw how they used deliberate design features - like placement of windows to harness the sun for lighting and solar panels to power the space and to eliminate the need for electricity. We also learned about how they use the earth's energy from the ground through geothermal technology to heat the space. We were very glad to have the opportunity to see how new green building technologies can incorporate renewal energy, reducing the reliance on other non renewable sources and ultimately help save the Earth. This partnership will continue through the Summer and we are excited to be conducting some rapid ecological assessments on some of our green spaces that border the Spicket River and look forward to creating some interpretive materials to help our community better understand the great habitat and great assets we have in the City of Lawrence.