O'Connell South Common

O'Connell South Common Phase 2
1. All pathway lights are on.  Photocell controls the lights (this means the lights turn on when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises).
2. Basketball courts are on. Timer controls the lights.
3. Base course of asphalt is in.  
4. Roof for shade structure installation underway. Snow guards are on order.
5. Four side goals will be installed this coming week.
6. Fencing will be installed next week. Posts are in already
7. Multisport court concrete pour  1 of 2 is complete.  
8. Spring 2020 work items: Top course of asphalt paving, final concrete pour, concrete mow strip on east side of shade structure. Landscape restoration and seeding.

O'Connell South Common and Sullivan Restoration
1. Irrigation installation is completed with the exception of the control cabinet.
2. Athletic field has been prepped for dormant seeding over the next 2 weeks (weather permitting).  We plan to slice seed.
3. Spring 2020 work items: Seed and loam as needed.
4. Field will be ready for play in August 2020.

1. 25% plans complete second week of January.
2. Present options to neighborhood association.

Based on guidance from our Architect we propose to first:

1. Complete a laser survey of the building (subcontracted to Point Known)
2. Prepare schematic design drawings  (subcontracted to SMOOK Architecture)
3. Provide cost estimation (general contractor)
4. Present schematic drawings to neighborhood association

Once we have pricing and community feedback we will work with the city to refine the scope to fit the budget. We will then move on to:
1. Construction documents
2. Technical specifications
3. Contract front end
4. Bid phase
5. Construction phase