Youth Programs

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Through its education, community service and job training programs for Lawrence youth, Groundwork Lawrence cultivates respect for the environment, social awareness, and healthy behavior, preparing young people to be positive role models and future leaders in their community.

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Fresh Food Access Programs

Groundwork Lawrence is committed to increasing access to high-quality fresh produce in Lawrence, enabling residents to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families. Groundwork’s community food programs combine fresh food access with education in an effort to reduce the city’s disproportionately high rates of diet-related disease. Read More About Our Programs:

Job Training Program

The EPA funded Training for Sustainability program will prepare unemployed and underemployed workers for jobs in the areas of recycling/solid waste handling and disposal, sustainable landscaping, and deconstruction. Local residents will be trained for green jobs in the Merrimack Valley that will protect the health of local families and residents and prepare communities for continued economic growth.

Healthy Living Workshops

Groundwork Lawrence’s Healthy Living Workshops empower participants to be more savvy consumers and better stewards of their own long-term health. The sessions cover such topics as making homes safer, with hands-on demonstrations on how to make cheaper, non-toxic alternatives to common household products and cosmetics. A second series encourages healthy eating habits with a focus on buying, growing, preparing and storing fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic gardening and composting. The workshops are held in English and Spanish.

Community Education Programs and Events

Groundwork Lawrence achieves results by engaging the community it serves in its mission. Its education programs, volunteer events and family activities are designed to foster ownership among participants in making Lawrence a safer, healthier place to live. Each year, Groundwork’s community programs attract increasing numbers of residents who are passionate about their city and doing their part to change it for the better.