Spring time!

It is just about warm enough to start some planting! It is definitely warm enough to start seeds indoors to get them ready to put out in the garden. As you're thinking about the spring and upcoming summer-consider getting a soil test.

Soil tests can test for certain chemicals and nutrients in your soil to

  • give you a snapshot of soil health
  • help you decide what you might need to add to soil for certain crops
  • help you realize that your soil is super healthy and what NOT to add
  • and importantly-give you a heads up as to the level of lead or heavy metals your soil might have and affect safe gardening practices

Don't be afraid of getting a soil test-it is easy, inexpensive and (relatively) quick. From the UMASS Soil Testing Lab: The Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory is located on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Testing services are available to all. Our function is to provide test results and recommendations that lead to the wise and economical use of soils and soil amendments.

Visit the UMASS websiteto download a form and instructions.