We need to keep voting EVERY DAY in May and we get an orchard!

Keep voting for an Orchard in Lawrence!

vacant lotTurn this into an orchard

With your help, we're in 4th place and now we need you (and your networks) to please keep voting every day to bring a fruit orchard to Lawrence!

Communities Take Root has given 5 orchards to the top 5 in the first round, so now we're up to 4th place! Congratulations to those winners! To to keep us in the top five by June1 vote daily and we will be selected to receive a fruit orchard!

Visit Communities Take Root today and vote (you'll have to use the map or index to find our entry-we're the only one in Massachusetts), and click it every day from now through the month of May! Please be patient with their security measures-we appreciate it!

Communities Take Root is giving away 5 orchards each month from May 1 to September 1, we didn't win the first round, but have a good chance of getting the orchard this round in May-we're in 4th!

Post to your Facebook and Twitter pages if you use them!