We Are Lawrence - 1,000s of positive stories in a Thriving City

We Are Lawrence!

We Are Lawrence from Nathan Hendrie on Vimeo.

By now you've probably heard about the Boston Magazine article: Lawrence' MA: City of the Damned and hopefully it made you as mad as it made me, the staff and Board of GWL, thousands of Lawrencians, and others that know and love this city. We all know that dwelling in anger is not healthy and as we are all working hard to ensure Lawrence is a healthy, thriving city, the community has come together to make sure that this type of cynical, one-sided, unfair article is no longer the story of the city (please watch the video above).

We hope that you will help share the 1,000's of positive stories in Lawrence. As a kick-off to celebrating Lawrence's beauty, assets, businesses, and residents join us on Tuesday, March 13 at 3:30 at Pemberton Park at the corner of Amesbury and Canal streets for a rally and march to tell your personal story about Lawrence and fight back against the negative press coverage that has blanketed the city in recent months. This event is being organized by local parents, businesspeople, students, non profits, educators, clergy, and city leaders and is open to anyone that loves and cares about Lawrence.

We Are Lawrence is a non-partisan, all volunteer group that is committed to fostering, promoting, and sharing positive stories about Lawrence. For more information, visit the We Are Lawrence Facebook page.