Groundwork Featured in New Policy Report

Strategic Lessons in Sustainable Community Building - the Groundwork USA Network

Through the project and program work of Groundwork USA, this report examines the expanding roles and policy influence that community-based organizations play in developing the emergent model of sustainable community building.

Over the past decade, the Groundwork USA Network has established an impressive track record of projects yielding measurable outcomes in underserved neighborhoods. Serving as a new type of green community intermediary, the Groundwork Model connects revitalizations of the physical and social environments by engaging local residents in the ecological stewardship of their neighborhoods.

Through its “on the ground” work in diverse places across the country, the Groundwork Network has also accumulated practical policy and program insights, which are featured in a series of case studies accompanying the report. As these demonstrate, several Trusts have become experts at navigating the complexities of federal and state environmental regulations, local land development processes, and the art of civic engagement and coalition building in distressed neighborhoods.

Read the Full Report: Strategic Lessons in Sustainable Community Building - the Groundwork USA Network

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Groundwork Lawrence Case Studies

Equitable Development

Explore the work of Groundwork Trusts across the country in the areas of brownfields, urban waters and equitable development

Brownfields – Buffalo, NY
Brownfields – Denver, CO

Equitable Development – Somerville, MA
Equitable Development – Hudson Valley, NY

Urban Waters – Anacostia, Washington, DC
Urban Waters – San Diego, CA
Urban Waters – Milwaukee, WI