Learn more about the urban wildlife of Den Rock Park and Lawrence's Little Urban Green Spaces - TOMORROW!!

You can find birds, well, just about anywhere. You see them every day, on the street, outside your school, your office, your home. But how often do you really notice them? How many can you name? Dozens of bird species live and breed here in Lawrence, right under our noses.

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 16th, 2013 at 6:30 pm join the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library in learning about the beautiful and diverse birds to be found in Lawrence’s own Den Rock Park as well as the surprising bird life found throughout the more urban areas of Lawrence. Susan Hegarty, author of The Birds of Den Rock Park and Ben Padilla, from Groundwork, will be presenting a slide show at the main library, 51 Lawrence Street, Lawrence, MA.

There will also be information provided on some exciting new habitat improvement and art projects going on at Manchester Street Park! Hope to see you there!

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