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LISC AmeriCorps Community Volunteer Coordinator: Local Initiatives Support Corporation and Groundwork Lawrence are seeking a full-time AmeriCorps member to serve as Community Volunteer Coordinator from October 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014.

The member selected to serve in this capacity will be responsible for:
• developing a GWL Volunteer Tracking System which tracks volunteer organization names and addresses, contact person's email and phone number, and service capacity information and service work of interest
• developing a GWL Volunteer Opportunity Handbook by working with GWL Executive Staff members to identify information that all GWL volunteers need to know as well as to assess the types of volunteer opportunities available at GWL and create volunteer training materials as is most appropriate for each type of opportunity
• responding to any opportunities that arise from individuals and organizations and enter all related information into the volunteer tracking system and matching volunteers to opportunities as they arise within the organization
• overseeing the coordination of volunteers by welcoming and orienting them to the organization and by providing any basic training through use of the Handbook and working under the guidance of GWL Executive Staff to provide any specialized training and volunteer oversight as may be warranted by each opportunity
• recording all relevant information for each volunteer engaged in the Volunteer Tracking System
• forging and/or formalizing relationships with strategic volunteer partners to be identifed by GWL Executive Staff
• developing a GWL Volunteer Recognition and Retention Protocol which will include avenues through which GWL can recognize outstanding volunteers and methodologies to maintain good relations with volunteer groups and individuals and volunteer feedback mechanisms such that we can assess their satisfaction with their volunteer experience and suggestions for any needed changes
• developing a volunteer investment analysis tool to enable us to understand, quantify and communicate to potential funders our Community Volunteer Coordinator return on investment in order to support our efforts to transition the AmeriCorp position into a permanent staff position
• developing a 2014 Earth Day Cleanup volunteer project management process to enable us to capture, retain and improve the institutional knowledge related to this volunteer event and to streamline the process and tools

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