"By making an investment in the city, he made an investment in me."

"By making an investment in the city, he made an investment in me." Green Team member Rosa makes memorable speech on 4/30.

Last Wednesday, one of our High School students on the Green Team, Rosa Diaz, had the opportunity to make a speech in front of a room of state and local leaders and introduce Governor Patrick. Her speech was mas magnificent and the energy in the room after her remarks was tangible. We are so proud of Rosa and all of our students on the Green Team and are continually impressed with the way they represent themselves, Lawrence, and Groundwork.

Rosa's Speech:

At the Age of 5 years old my mother moved us to Lawrence from the Dominican Republic in search of a better life. Being an only child, I was always strolling not too far from my mother. I grew up watching her sacrifice everything to give me a better future. I promised myself that one day I would give her the world, like she has made it possible for me to dream of conquering the world. I have begun my journey in creating a foundation through education, community service, and as a change agent in our community.

Good Afternoon. My name is Rosa Diaz, a member of Green Team. I attend Math, Science, and Technology at Lawrence High School. Being ranked 3rd out of 115 students, I proved to myself that with dedication, goals can be accomplished and I will never stop until the GPS in my head says “You’ve reached your destination.”

Much like my educational career, taking the opportunity to join the Green Team has allowed me to meet another goal of mine: To give back to a community that has given so much to me.
It’s the idea of giving back…of helping in any way you can. Whether you wish one day to give back to your mother or to the community where you have been raised. Lawrence is home.

Believe it or not, I’m 16 and Green Team is my first job.

As a member of Green Team, I have been exposed to many things that I couldn't be able to experience anywhere else. Green Team has not only been my first job experience but also my first exposure to learn about harvesting, planting, business planning, and gaining leadership skills.
I want to be able to change the reputation that Lawrence has because I believe it is our job as citizens of this community to inform others about the good that Lawrence offers. Restoring our city's beauty isn't only a job for Green Team. Lawrence has great things happen and continue to grow in many ways through many organizations.

Groundwork Lawrence has influenced the citizens of Lawrence and creates opportunity for us to come together. Each and every event inspires people that don’t even live in Lawrence to help and learn about Lawrence. For example, at the Trails & Sails event, Green Team gave tours of The Spicket River Greenway Lawrence residents as well as people from surrounding towns like Methuen, North Andover, and North Andover were interested in the good happening here and came out to the event. Questions flew left to right. I, along with other members of Green Team participated and had the opportunity to meet and connect with others. It was a truly great memory and that feeling extends to other things we do, like building over 8 community gardens transforming vacant lots into these gardens and managing them. My Saturdays are no longer just waking up at noon … and truthfully speaking I’m glad they are not. I wake up eager to help our community’s future and happy to know that I’m able to make a difference.

I am standing in front of you today as somebody who has directly benefited from the policies and investments Governor Patrick has made in public education. By making an investment in the city, he made an investment in me, and I plan to use that opportunity to the fullest.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Governor of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.