Green Team Visits Eagle Eye Institute

On Saturday, November 5th, the Green Team traveled out to Eagle Eye Institute in Peru, Massachusetts. Green Team walked a mile to what seemed like an ordinary work site. Then, they were separated into two groups, one which was building a shelter while the others were building a bench; all while using the materials around them. In the shelter group, they used fallen trees and branches.

The bench group used rocks and logs that were notched and split by the team. It took three hours to complete both projects, and each had purpose for hikers on this trail. The bench was near a stream with life all around it and a great view. The shelter provided a base for hikers who were caught by weather issues or used as a landmark.

The end result left a peaceful environment in the forest. All of Green Team was proud of their efforts, and they felt that they made a difference to the area. Green Team loved the environment of the Eagle Eye Institute, and they would love to come back in the summer for a camping trip.

-Celinette & Jade, Green Team.

Eagle Eye Shelter.JPGEagle eye bench.JPG