Manchester Street Park-Construction Update

Sunshine on sonotubes

After some significant dry weather, we had a little rain to make some puddles out at the site. Nothing major and erosion control looks good. The turtle, Ken, is also still around as are the many different birds I've been seeing out there. This week the electrical conduit has gone in, one set of stairs for the overlook has been begun and a great amount of earthwork has happened.The grade is getting close to final except for the final several inches and seeding and soon the paths will be complete and ready for paving. I'm looking forward to the paving and concrete work as well as the play equipment and gazebo installation over the next couple weeks. Now that the weather is nice and so much work has been accomplished, we're starting to really see this park take shape. The work in the below two pictures is from Thursday of the framing of the stairs and then the poured concrete later in the day.

Stay tuned here and on our Flickr page for more photos.

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